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Rey Stunlock loop?

Is anyone else getting an issue like this: Rey attacks you, (A Sith lightsaber char) and you are stuck in a constant looping stunned animation per swing until you dodge out, with blocking being impossible until out.

Even when, to my understanding another hero attacks me I can put up a block- But with Rey it's impossible for me.

Am I just not understanding the mechanic or something, or is it not meant to be this way?


  • Topi00100
    3 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Yeah, it is a common theme with Rey that her way of fighting is hitting as fast as she can. If the engless stunlocking and prevention of using block is not a bug, then I would suggest the devs to make it so that her erratic hits didn't cause as much stunlock/stunlock animation should last less.
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