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Back in force: Rogue One extension back

Before starting, do not tell me: "Yes, but here they are in the battlefrond 1 so no need to get bored to put them in the 2".
The thing is that these heroes are well found and they had good skills that could be the equivalent of 2 other heroes for equivalent utility in the opposing camps.

For those who do not see where I am coming from:

-Jin Erso's skills could almost match some Phasma skills -> Jyn's baton equivalent to Phasma's baton, Phasma's surviving skill could apply to Jyn as well, and one last skill would be missing would be added to Jyn (not the blazing grenade and the change of blaster all taken by Leia).

-And on the side of the heroes, we have leia with 1 skill and 1 particular weapon: the squad shield and a blaster whose
secondary fire follows the targeted target with increased damage, this is where the villain who can compete with these skills is the director Krennic-> the squad shield was present for Krennic in the 1st game and could be exploited so that both sides have each their heroes with a shield field as skill (at the strategic level it helps) AND the The weapon would be a blaster gun whose secondary fire would be ionic and cause severe damage to vehicles and shields. There would be 2 more skills to add, one of which could be exploited and suddenly would be a skill equivalent to Figure: Finn's hero aura inspires confidence and well-being to his allies. This results in increased health, cooldowns as well as reduced casualties, and weapons that do not overheat. For the director Krennic it would be called as in the 1st battlefrond: Anger of the Empire. And for once to copy a skill of Leia, add the blinding grenade or if it does not go: a shock grenade but with an increased radius.

At the beginning of the game, we reinstated Bossk who is only a character "appearing" appearing only 5 seconds in the 5th film so I do not see why we would not have the opportunity to reinstate these 2 heroes of Rogue One .
Leave comments to see if that would tempt you or if the idea would not be bad.

Well, Bossk had Greedo, who was a real rival to Han Solo.
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