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Forest of Endor

More Skins-Specifically More Dark Side Skins

I know there's already posts out there like this, but I really think we could use some new skins. ESPECIALLY for the Dark Side Villains and Troopers

Dark Side Villains
- Maul: Crimson Dawn Appearance (from Solo), Hooded/Robed Appearance (from TPM), a Clone Wars/Rebels Appearance
- Emperor Palpatine: Chancellor Red Robed Appearance (from ROTS)
- Vader: Battle damaged (from Rebels)
- Iden Versio: White Stormtrooper appearance (from SWBF 2017 Campaign)
- Phasma: Shattered Helmet (from TLJ)
- I think the Shattered Appearance for Grievous was cool and effects like that could be implemented for Vader, Boba, Bossk, and Phasma.

- T-Series Tactical Droid for the Officer (from Clone Wars)
- Commando Droids (from Clone Wars)
- Different paint jobs for existing droids (red, blue)

Empire Troop Skins:
- Shock Trooper, Shadow Trooper (from SWBF 2015)
- Mimban Trooper, Range Trooper, Mudtrooper (from Solo)
- Shoretrooper, Tank trooper (from Rogue One)
- Battle damaged skins

First Order Troop Skins
- Executioner (from TLJ)

And while we're at it: Light Side Heroes
- Luke: Tatooine farm (from ANH), Dagobah training (from ESB), Bespin (from ESB), Rebel Pilot (from ESB), Ahch To White Robes (from TFA), Ahch To Black Robes (from TLJ), Force Projection on Crait (from TLJ); Right now, there are more Chewie skins than Luke Skins...
- Leia: Senator (from ANH), Bespin (from ESB), General Organa (from TFA)
- Han: TFA appearance
- Chewbacca: With Kashyyyk Bowcaster (from ROTS), With C3PO on back (from ESB)
- Finn: Stormtrooper (from TFA), Officer Disguise (from TLJ), Without Jacket (from TLJ)
- Obi-Wan: Jedi Knight (from AOTC), Old Ben (from ANH)



  • I like the idea of Obi Wan's jedi knight appearance from Attack of the Clones. Is it the one from Kamino where he faces off Jango Fett? Old Ben, Chewbacca with C3PO, Luke's cloud cityn X-Wing pilot suit and Dagobah is very cool! Maybe add his cloaked appearance from Return of the Jedi as well.
    Also the dark side appearances are good and more separatist appearances would be great!
  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Love the idea of Imperials getting more love. I won't buy anymore Clone Trooper skins until I see some of the following:

    - Shock Trooper, Shadow Trooper (from SWBF 2015)
    - Mimban Trooper, Range Trooper, Mudtrooper (from Solo)
    - Shoretrooper, Tank trooper (from Rogue One)
    - Executioner (from TLJ)
    -~**Most Importantly: Inferno Squad trooper skins for all trooper classes and a white uniform officer's skin (I'd pay 80,000 credits for THAT pack!)

    BF1 (2015) had a wonderful variety of skins to purchase for the empire, BF2...Nuthin!!

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