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MovieBattlesll has the Saber Combat Battlefront II needs.

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edited December 2018
tl;dr. Think For Honors Battle System

To be perfectly honest, the saber combat in Battlefront has always been lackluster though not as bad as it is currently. The previous Battlefront allowed saber locking if 2 heroes using a dash at the same time connected. But the blocking itself has always been iffy.

You should really go and look at Moviebattlesll. It's a Total Conversion Mod for Jedi Knight lll: Jedi Academy that completely overhauled the saber combat which already had the best version of any Star Wars game to date but made it even better.

With their saber combat, it was very fluid and allowed you to attack a blocking opponent without the jankiness that Battlefront II has. The combat just feels more like you're playing with Action Figures as opposed to watching an actual Jedi Vs. Sith and this mod turned everyone into skilled duelists.

Just look at this video. This is the kind of saber combat Battlefront needs, the fundamentals that Battlefront II has is still seen here, but MoviebattlesII has so much more depth to it. This doesn't just apply to going against another saber user, the combat pretty much works the same way it does in Battlefront when it comes to fighting against blasters and such.

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