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Unrelenting Advance Glitch Melee Attackers

When playing as Grievous, I've noticed that while using "Unrelenting Advance" he blocks incoming blaster bolts and lightsaber attacks in front of him. However, if a shooter walks up to him, face to face, and bashes him, it goes right through and hurts Grievous. Seems odd that a melee can go through his spinning blades, and not other lightsaber attacks. This basically kills the move because the shooter heroes are catching on in HvV and just run up to you and bash you 3 times 'til G.G. is dead.

Otherwise. Fantastic job Devs. Grievous is awesome. Not super glitchy, some animation issues mid gameplay I've noticed. But that is the only major glitch I've seen with him yet. This Geonosis update has literally brought me back to his game.
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