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Not sure where to report cheating but...

I've already reported all the ones I've seen through the report profile feature on xbox, but I've played several games where people are camping at the back of the map doing nothing but their scores continuously rise. One guy had 1 kill and sat at a spawn as Darth Maul and ended up with around 900k points.


  • Подтверждаю выше сказанное!!!

    I confirm the above !!!
  • Moxx
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    Nice. I dont think anyone was aware of this yet!





    > ;)

  • westgreateight8
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    edited December 2018
    cause everything you read on the internet is true...
  • Yep! Just took a video and screenie of a player doing just this.
  • Zinjo
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    Is this on Cargo?

    If so, I've seen this too, and on a team scale!!

    It is a problem the devs seem to be ignoring instead of putting up boundaries around the spawns or stealth boundaries to keep spawning players from being picked off as they spawn.

  • It's a battle point glitch introduced with the squad system. Friends are usually in a squad together. One friend will select a vehicle then switch to the specialist class very quick. Then they will spam spawn on their friend over and over, rack up BP to level up and play heroes. The devs supposedly made a statement about it, but I haven't seen any replies on the forums. They also haven't addressed Han Solo's Detonite Charge not working, so he's half the man he used to be.
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