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Feedback, BF2

This post is not intended for the player base. This is for DICE. Anybody with a holier than thou attitude can go right back to playing this awful game and stop white knighting for it.

I recently bought battlefront 2. At first I thought it kind of looked cool. That was about it. I've had maybe 3 fun moments in the entirety of the 10 or so hours I've played this game so far. I feel there are areas of improvement that need addressing for any future DICE games to be even remotely considered. This game is a steaming pile of hot and unorganized garbage.

Progression is fine and dandy but when every single other player who has played since launch has perks that make them either invincible or able to kill me in 1/4 the time that it takes my weak weapons to kill them, that is lazy game design.
Your maps are over engineered and finding enemies is impossible.
Your weapon unlock system is too dependent on kills. For new players, this is an insurmountable feat, given the rarity of finding players who don't gang buster all over you instantly. How have I played this many games and gotten this many eliminations and still only have less than 100 kills on my main class at level 17? Furthermore, why is it so easy for enemies to escape with 1 health every single time I shoot them? BAD game design. Lasers are cool but the stupid bloom and impossibility of cognitively making out what the crap you are looking at makes getting kills unfun.
Your radar system is stupid and useless
Spawn killing is too easy.
Cheating is happening too much
Getting shot through walls is happening too much
Your server lag is causing me to not register hits until it catches up, resulting in my client showing 5 shots on me within .1 second.
When I am a hero I die instantly. What is the point of having a lightsaber if it won't block when I am holding the trigger for block? Other people playing heros are seemingly invincible and do not EVER take damage no matter what. People will go the entire game fighting 5 or 6 people at a time and never stoop below full health. Yet I will pick a hero and get murdered by breathing. This system is extremely imbalanced and very bad for new players. How am I expected to level up heros if I am not on a level playing field in heros vs villains? I played a couple games and every time I was killed with 1 or 2 hits. I could wail on another hero and do maybe a quarter of his health. I get blocking exists, so why does it not work when I do it?
This game does not reward skill, it rewards time played. Skill is irrelevant. Case and point, I was able to just fly around in a stupid fighter and kill enemies the entire match and I still don't know why. Other times I am murdered in spawning a vehicle or from cross map. I will take damage from enemy pilots that AREN'T EVEN FACING ME. My Ping to the Dallas speed test is 6MS. Your servers are trash.

On Endor, the walker assault mode is ****. Rebels have to infiltrate an empire bunker. Good luck though, because literally 50 people are guarding said bunker with close spawns and rebels have to fight at disadvantageous stairs. Please fire the **** who thought this was a good idea.

Look, I'm fine with losing and dying, but when that is the number one thing happening in your stupid game, it's not fun. Your multiplayer experience is nothing but being gang plugged over and over by enemies who have stronger guns, better stupid star cards, and just don't take damage no matter what. This is very not new player friendly. It is stagnant. Thank god I only payed 10 bucks for this atrocity. I still want my money back.

Offline mode is still a disgrace. Were you people deaf for the last 3 years when the entire community collectively said we wanted a comprehensive offline mode? Why can I not play EVERY game mode offline? Why is there no progression offline? Maybe I like unlocking things but the only way to do it is in the overly unbalanced toxic landslide of a dung heap multiplayer. Some people don't want to fight the basement dwelling try hards. Is there not ONE game company that cares about quality in single player modes? Multiplayer can be fun but only in certain rule sets. I don't want to emulate war, I just want to have a relaxed good time. Why is giving offline options so hard for you people? AI quality is completely irrelevant. I have more time in the original battlefront than all of the games released in 2018 combined. AI was absolute garbage in that game. Why did I play? It was relaxing. It was a fun time. I wasn't being brutalized by every 12 and 48 year old virgin out there. I was just playing a game by myself. It wasn't a contest. Nobody was trying to dominate me for dopamine. There weren't any stakes. I ask you this, what the heck is wrong with that?

DICE, you've sold out. EA has taken your wallet and strapped you to the back of their car. I'm done. I don't care anymore. I didn't buy battlefield 1. I'm not buying V. Your crap is out of hand. I hope you go bankrupt. Gaming is not a cash cow to be slaughtered and sold at the highest price. You have no passion. You have no redeeming factors. You've taken one of the most beloved game titles and butchered it, and now you parade it's carcass around the town square proudly.
Games used to have spark. Games used to have passion. Now they have micro transactions.

Somehow or other, I bet you people will find some way to mark this as inappropriate and just ignore the feedback. It's how you operate. Fine. Keep selling out. I won't participate.


  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Tell us how you REALLY feel! ;)
    Though I have to agree with some of the points made.
    • Giving more points for kills vs objectives or team play has made the BF2 devs at Dice look like liars. They promised a teamwork, objective rewarding experience to all who saw the ads and have failed to actually effectively implement any of it. Higher objective scoring gives newbs a chance to gain more xp points to level up and gain star cards, yet that isn't the case unfortunately.
    • Now we have spawn timers on CQC modes like Blast that only serves to slow down the gameplay and frustrate the player base.
    • Squad selection was added that "should have" replaced the spawn timers, but no you kept both??
    • The squad selection also shows unavailable players in vehicles to spawn next to, which is a waste of time and effort for all of us.
    • You can spawn with a team mate at an objective which gives the defenders an advantage they never had before. This also works the same for attackers. We are supposed to "work" to keep that objective at least that was the impression in earlier builds before squad spawning.
    • Lag issues in GA maps with too many players only benefits those with fast ISP services and leaves the rest behind in the choppy dust.
    • The team seems more intent on adding more "bling" than actually addressing the game mechanics to make the game "fun".
    • The Tatooine GA map is painfully unbalanced with respect to vehicle load outs for both sides.
    How about working on the game mechanics to provide a fun player experience for all, instead of just the beta testers and grinders. New players is what keeps a game relevant.

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