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Sucky teamates

I've touched in this in a different post but have noticed it quite a lot over the last few months.

I stopped playing GA a while ago and played the smaller games because i was tired of constantly being scythed down numerous time by heroes, usually dark side, in a single game.

I tried HvH but my heroes are pretty at their base level so just got my A** handed to me, ended up playing Strike, Extraction and blast and enjoyed it much more.

After I felt like my overall game had improved i thought i would give GA another go and by enlarge it as OK but i started to notice teammates not helping when being attacked, below is what i put on another thread so sorry for repeating

I've been killed may times and as i lay dead on the floor thinking what could have been, I see a team mate pop out from somewhere and gun down in swift retribution my attacker almost as if he/she was using me as bait/cannon fodder/distraction so they could get an easy kill.
But last night whilst playing GA on Hoth I ran to an ION Launcher, picked it up aimed and started the firing process. A few seconds later a snow trooper appeared and started shooting me, BOOOOOOOOOOOO to you, you face of Galactic evil. But wait Luke Skywalker appeared (dressed in black not the best camouflage in the snow) YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I'm saved, I can now carry on and launch ION fist into the face of the AT-AT whoops and hollers, Ewokes dancing on Endor and in a few years time George Lucas will come back and add some new scenes. But no, Luke just stood there waited for me to be killed then ran the short distance to my attacker and scythed him down and ran off.

You suck Luke, you suck

Has anyone else experienced this, or something similar/worse? I'll always try and help out teammates if they are being attacked if i can, I just didn't understand what Luke was going to achieve other than 1 easy kill. I've even had a teammate follow me around and constantly shoot me in the head instead of playing the game.

Whats the worst thing a teammate has done or not done for anyone else?


  • Yeah, about that...

    More often than not, that'll be your base experience. People will just outright suck. Heroes won't cover people playing the objective, and sometimes teammates are outright blind.

    It becomes palatable when you have friends with you.

    Oh, and then there are the folks that live only to grant the opposition free BP from gunships.
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    The fact is that if you're running it's because you suck, and the game shouldn't pander to players who suck.


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  • bfloo
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    People don't care about objectives anymore, they are just looking to kill farm, and they only get large objective based modes to play in.
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  • Boy oh boy this not a new experience for me. The worst thing that happened to me was me and my brother were playing HvV and we were losing because the other two teammates didn't understand that you have to stick together. We literally had to form our own team to defeat the dark side. Not even the Darth Maul on their team acted this way and he's become the new Skywalker from BF 2015. Then the worst part. After deaths upon deaths, one of them became the target and was far from the team...…...He charged the enemy like a maniac and died very quickly and quit after he died. The words "Defeat" didn't even pop up before he left. I hate when teammates leave in HvV because when doing that your basically admitting defeat which is not fun for your former teammates. I hope a system gets put in place to stop rage quits.

    I keep changing this for whatever reason but ehh...It can stay like this I suppose.
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