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HVV darkside imbalance

I'm noticing the darkside seems to be winning 80% of the time. Also OBIWAN in hvv is low tier and can't compete all other sabre heroes other than possibly maul. Think he needs a buff


  • TiNie
    296 posts Member
    In my opinion you are right.
    The darkside is stronger and Yoda was wrong.
    But this is a matter of fact, that Vader got some Glitches that makes him even stronger, i.e. Choke Glitch.
    And then you have Grievous. His strength is extraordinary. Who cares about losing 40% of stamina, if you gain 30-40 more damage points. If I use him in HvV, then in 90% of all cases I am at first place!
    He is a greater tank than Vader now.
  • I have seen in equal measure the dark side and light side dominating in HVV. it all depends on the teamwork going on. The team that works together almost always wins.
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