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IF Future DLCs will be Clone Wars content... Need MORE MAPS, REINFORCEMENTS, and MORE!

If (and I hope) future Battlefront 2 dlcs will be in the clone wars era (which should happen because of the massive amount of content DICE and EA can pull from that period), we need more maps and Republic and Separatist reinforcements.

This will be a sort of wishlist I have. First I will start with the maps we need in this game and what game modes they can come with. Later I will move on to the reinforcements we need and some skins we could have.

First up... MAPS:
To get the major movie maps out of the way... we should receive this map first:

Home of the Galactic Republic! This planet was seen in Revenge of the Sith that showed an epic space battle. This map could work for multiple modes (though I'm not sure about the Conquest mode... this forum post will be submitted before the release of this large-scale game mode so I cannot fairly say if this map will be good for that mode).

Starfighter Assault: This should be one of the biggest space battle maps in all of Battlefront 2. Coruscant showed us how massive this battle was and the players should feel that. Geonosis introduced AI battles outside of the actual play zone... this map should do the same.

Galactic Assault: Although the 2009 Clone Wars show did not offer us a viewpoint on the ground, the 2003 Clone Wars show did. We saw the invasion of CIS forces on the planet and the attempted capture of the Chancellor. Maybe instead, we could see a legion of clones sent out on the streets of Coruscant to destroy the droid landing crafts that is sending out AATs and battalions of droids into the Senate building. Once they are destroyed, the clones must retreat to the Senate building to assist the senators in their escape (this will be in the interior of the Senate building) Once the clones have allowed all (let's say) 10 senators in the building to retreat to the landing platform (similar to the platform found on Bespin in the 2015 battlefront on the game mode Extraction) the clones must hold out there until LAATs have arrived to pick them up and make their escape.
This will also introduce an exclusive reinforcement unit: the Senate Commando. They wear all blue armor and are tasked with guarding the senate and the supreme chancellor. Not having these troopers will be a missed opportunity and will definitely make the players feel immersed. I think they should carry DC-15A Blaster Rifles (which are far more accurate with a lot more range than the heavy class's rifle.

And of course, Coruscant will be good for Blast, HvV, HS, Operations, and other game modes.

I will only comment on one more map. Of course, I would love to see all planets from the clone wars in this game, but these are the ones that NEED to be in this game in the year 2019.

Umbara is one of the most popular arcs in the Clone Wars. I have never really heard anything negative about that particular arc. It is known amongst fans as the Vietnam of Star Wars . Not sure if starfighter assault will be necessary but always a good inclusion.

Galactic Assault + Conquest
Umbara will be a big enough map for conquest when it does get released. But for the story of Umbara, I think we should follow the side of the story of Obi-Wan and the 212th (in the show, we accompanied the 501st. This time we should follow the 212th). The mode starts with a sequence showing LAATs (with the searchlights attached instead of the ball turrets) approaching the ground (a cinematic-like Geonosis had shown the clone trooper's helmet) and landing. Then the camera starts to pan to the shooter POV and revealing the LAATs flying away (like Kamino and Kashyyk have the LAATs dropping retreating). We then see the story show how the clones begin to approach the Capital and take the main gates of it so that republic reinforcements could arrive.

The cool thing that Umbara can use (Geonosis has this aspect too) is a heavy fog. Similar to Geonosis's dust storm, the fog of Umbara will exist throughout the entire match to really show how dark the planet is. I also this if this planet was to work, we need a revamp of the Separatist roster JUST for this map. So, the assault, heavy, officer, and specialist classes NEED to be replaced by Umbaran models. We never saw any droids on the planet. Anakin and Obi-Wan in the show said that there was only militia on the planet and they supported the CIS. And maybe we could see a new blaster (since new blasters are scarce in the game right now) and this gun could be the Umbaran Blaster Rifle. Available to only the assault class, the Umbaran Blaster Rifle will be a nice weapon with a unique sound and feel to it.

Of course, I wish I could put all the planets of the clone wars in this post but I really need to see these in the game.

I think there needs to be a change with the AT-RT reinforcement. Instead of spawning as the class you previously played with (example: an officer on an AT-RT) we need a special unit to be riding and controlling the AT-RT. This unit will ONLY be playable if you spawn in with the AT-RT and get off of it. This unit is the ARF Trooper. Arf troopers were known for riding AT-RTs and I think it would be an awesome addition.
When you get off the AT-RT in a desperate situation, you will have the plain white armor of the ARF trooper, spawn with DC-17 pistol, and have a few abilities. To keep this unit from being overpowered and to not have players just get on the AT-RT just to get off, the pistol will not a lot of damage, have a weak impact grenade, and a scan dart.

Now, reinforcements we definitely need for the republic are:
- ARC troopers
- Republic Commandos
- Senate Commandos (view Coruscant map idea for more info)

- Droidekas
- Commando Droids
- Umbaran Soldiers (if they do not replace the droids of the Separatist classes on Umbara)

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