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Please keep updating Squads

I love the new addition, but I can't praise something that logically makes no sense why it wasn't apart of the game at launch. This is DICE right? Like I'm not insane this is the same game engine right?

Okay, so please let us choose our team mates and not have this half baked squad system that even when I'm in a party about 50% of the time it feels it will not put us in the same squad, honestly I'd rather be in a squad with my one friend that forced into any squad.

Folks have taken this game a long way from the nightmare of 1, now let's get this game up to Battlefield standards of excellence not just surviving as a playable game level.


  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Kill the spawn timers or lower the head count on maps if lag or latency is the reason for their existence. We'll all play a GA map just fine with 38 or 36 players. At the end of all GA maps it is the player with the fastest web connection that succeeds as they have the least if any lag to deal with in that final furball at the end of the match. Having a spawn timer "in addition" to squad selection is wasting our time.
    40 players will work well in the "sandbox" mode you are planning as these battles will not all be occurring in the same place at the same time.
    And spawn timers in Blast is an embarassment to this studio. These timers are driving me to switch to BF V! I don't say that flippantly either...

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