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Phase 1 and 2 Clone trooper's armor Fix required

I am pointing at this mesh error since day 1 of the Alpha tes, Beta test, game release verions and after every major update of the game.

The problem is:

The chest and back pieces of the torso armor set isn't sealed together just as seen in the movies Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

I am confused by Dice dev squad in charge of these 3D models, where is point about bragging about top noch movie/screen accurate model and fidelity of your game if you are not able to fix a man made (by your developers in charge) missconception-bug of this armor?

Armor witch is in design by the kaminoans in star wars' lore standards made to be purposely used in open battles and hostile environements thanks to it's durability and sealed shut against any shrapnels and others debris that could pierce throught the body glove and damage any vital organs.

I got triggered again because a modder just made a 2003 General kennoby mod wearinging a full clone trooper armor and his is fully sealed just as seen in the movies!

So Dice please fixe this issue that can be dealt with 15 minutes max, it just a mesh issue, open 3Ds Max and stick these to flanks together for the Force sake... and all the clone's sake so they don't die like stormtroopers with low budget armors that don't preotect ther ribcage flanks as seen in the classic triligy witch your stromtrooper model is based off of, not Rogue One or Solo.

Oh by the way, it would be great to have these early Empire stormtrooper armor too (the remade classic standard stromtrooper made for Rogue One).

Thank you.
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