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Jar Jar Binks is the most iconic PT hero and should be in this game

Face it. When normie people think of the Star Wars, what are the first things that to come to mind?

Usually, it'll be the iconic images like Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Chewie, Han Solo, Fett, The Princess, Droids.

Sometimes in current climate it's the Sequels, but Prequels are rarely referenced. People get confused by them. They don't understand why the "stormtroopers" are on the good guys side. They don't remember the names of any of the robed, glowstick waving cardboard cutouts. They can't tell that the blue jetpack guy who looks and sounds exactly like Boba Fett but isn't actually Boba Fett from the real one. That's all nerd stuff playing to a very specific audience.

However, there's one character from that era that is an exception, towering above the rest. Everyone from my little nephews to my grandmother knows him. A titanic presence among the Prequel lore. His name is Jar Jar

Exiled Outlaw. Bombad General. Galactic Senator. Possible Sith Lord. How is this hero not in the game yet?

DICE if you want to really make $$$ on your DLC this Christmas season, ignore the fanbois and their goofy obscure suggestions. Drop Anakin from the clown oars season now (if people remember him it's the little kid in the podracer, anyway) , and give the SW audience the true face of the era.

Everyone from kids, to grandma and even your dog will be lining up to buy SWBF2. It could save the franchise!

Dew it!


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