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The Return of Traits: An Idea

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Hi there, how's it goin'? So, we've been through some pretty rough times on the Battlefront for a while, and it doesn't seem like things will return back to normal for some time. I'm still hoping for some more fundamental changes to the game (how matchmaking works, lightsaber combat, objective scores and rewards, etc...), but one thing that bugs me in this game are how Star Cards work. In the last game, there were no classes and you could select among a wide variety of Star Cards at your leisure. Some cards sadly were still more useful than others (Ion Neutralizer, Ion Shot, Stinger Pistol, lots of Ion things...), they could be made into far more versatile and specialized load outs. While I'm happy that different cards are balanced among the different classes, there is still the issue of some cards being drastically more useful than others. I don't see the purpose of not equipping any of the Bounty Hunter Cards for my Troopers, or any of the Cards that increase a weapons effectiveness (looking at you, Improved Thermal Detonator...). In Galactic Assault, for example, many of you would be hard-pressed to NOT equip the Healing cards for your Heroes. While I think that Health on Kill/Damage/Objective Score should be a given... I do think there's a way to alleviate these issues. That being to bring back Traits in the form of a 4th equitable and special Star Card slot.
Here's how it would work. You can still equip the three standard cards to be applied normally, of course, but you now have the option to pick a fourth card to be a trait (this could be with the Triangle/Y/2 key). The way the trait works is that- much like the last game- you actually don't start it off with the full purpled out values, assuming you have it maxed out. Rather, you work your way up through the different levels by playing the objective, killing enemies, etc... and when you upgrade the cards, you increase the benefit it can give you. If you're new and just starting out with a White Card, spawning in won't give you any benefits whatsoever. But getting a kill or two, or activating the objective, will bring you up to the level of the card you unlocked. If the card is maxed out, you similarly get an incremental increase in the cards effectiveness. Say you get the Survivalist card as your trait, you start out with no benefit, then after 5 kills you get to level 1, after 10 it's 2, 15 it's 3, and 20 it's maxed out. If you die, you'll revert to the trait level right bellow what you reached. Had a maxed out trait? You'll go to level 3 and can work your way back up from there. I think this would have the best impact on Heroes, as in GA you could then give the hero the Heal-on-Kill card as a trait and equip other cards in it's place. Again, I'd prefer Heroes get a health on kill automatically (as well as for objective score, but that's another thread I'll work on...), but that could be really nice to see.
Well... that's me, what do you think? Should we see Traits return, or should they stay behind in the olden days of 2015? Thank you for reading this and have a good one!
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