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December CC

Why does nobody play Hero Starfighters?

I always thought this was a fun little mode, I have no idea why so many fans don't like it. Hopefully DICE can find a way to spruce it up and make it more appealing to play for those people.


  • i agree, however the way they made this gamemode is the problem. Basically they should of made this mode like blast set up of just like HVV. Presently the games end way too fast, and there is always a big risk the game will stall or never start because someone drops or doesn't want to join this mode.

    so much potential, but too big of a miss
  • Because it takes so long to,
    a: find a game
    b: wait for said game to fill and start
    c: wait for players after round one
    d: wait for players after round two
    e: wait for players if there is a round three!!

    Otherwise I’d play it more.
  • Like Extraction
    Lack of Maps
    The most neglected mode in the game
    Sad :'(
  • Yeah, I always loved playing this mode. It was really fun and a great way to level up hero ships. I don't play it that much because it's mainly just waiting in lobbies. If they were to add some new maps and hero ships, It would definitely get people interested in it again.
  • Little maps
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