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buggy abilities list

If you have found an ability that is inconsistent (meaning doesn't work 100% of the time) or is glitchy (meaning does not work properly or causes an issue). Please post it below, hopefully DICE will see this list and take these abilities into consideration.


  • #1: sometimes maul's choke/throw ability sends an enemy flying towards you instead of away. This is an obvious bug as it didn't do this a long time ago. Note that it doesn't do it all the time, but it has happened enough that it is a noticeable issue.
  • -Luke: Push
    -Luke: Repulse
    -Rey: block
    -Han: Detonite Charge
    -Obi-Wan: Defensive Rush
    -Obi-Wan: Mind Trick
    -Obi-Wan: All-out push
    -Grievous: Thrust Surge (tracks around corners, from across the map, etc)
    -Vader: Choke
    -Maul: Saber Throw
    -Kylo: Frenzy
    -Phasma: Staff strike
    -ATST: Scan
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