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Geonosis Droid Factory & Droid Skins w/ Dooku Update

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edited December 7
Would love to see the droid factory maybe as an HvV map and droid skins w the upcoming Dooku update!

How do you guys think they could implement a droid factory map?
What skins would you like to see for the Seperatists faction?
What skins would you like to see for Count Dooku?


  • I think we could get battledamaged droid skins, like missing one arm or just having blaster marks. Grievous has a battledamage look, why not his soldiers aswell?
  • Zinjo
    86 posts Member
    edited December 8
    I do find it funny that the droid army commander after a droid victory tells his troops to prepare to attack their own factories. :p
    A bit of an oversight methinks.
    Someone Didn't like my signature asking for Inferno squad skins....
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