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First Friday night back, and ...... 1 round, that's all I managed.

As title says, I recently reinstalled after 7+ months to try out Geonosis....

I got straight into a game (Kashyyk) and it was quite good, well balanced, tight ending (Defeat) and loving the squad spawn, very cool, and makes things go faster.

Then, waiting for next map it says "Searching for Galactic Assault" and sat for a few minutes, and threw me into an empty lobby.....

Are you telling me that all 19 other players left or clicked Matchmake?

I then quit out after 15 mins (queue peaked at 15 players, then dropped again) and tried to re-queue...


Friday night in Australia.


Please tell me there has been an announcement of a Server Browser or at least some sort of fix for this issue?
It's been ongoing for nearly a year.....

I'll give it another try again this evening, but then will uninstall - bye EA/Dice.


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