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Starfighter Arcade - Issues and Accolades

so, I've been playing a bunch of Starfighter Arcade recently (after the Geonosis update), and I've noticed a few things that I wanted to bring up. I'm on PS4.

First, the accolades....
the Falcon (well, really ALL Falcons) feel much better. I can't vouch for how they feel online because I haven't flown any of them online since before the update. But I can tell you unequivocally, that in Arcade the Falcons are faster (more like the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy than ever before). They feel more like an A wing in speed an maneuverability, than like a Tank, plodding along. Great job, DICE!

Now, the issues...
Hero Banter is an issue in Arcade, as well... Chewie seems to be Wookie-non-grata in both Han and Rey's Falcons. Played 3 matches of Team Battle and 2 of Onslaught on random maps to test it out. Chewie is absent from Han and Reys Falcons. Han talks to himself. Rey talks to herself... When they talk, which is hardly ever.

By the same token, oddly, Lando is absent from his own Falcon. You only hear L3. She talks to herself.

On top of that, the Hero Banter is very infrequent. Heroes hardly talk at all in Starfighters, now. Used to be all the time. Between hardly talking at all and no Pilot and co-pilot banter, it kinda lifeless.

One last thought... Would like for there to more comm chatter in general in Starfighter Arcade. The comm chatter IS more frequent when using a regular Starfighter. Actually, that's the ONLY time you hear it. When in a Hero ship you should be hearing friendly comm chatter from other pilots in the air. Calling for help. Calling out enemies...

Has anyone experienced anything similar?
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