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Ways to balance Maul, Greivous, Phasma, and Chewie.

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edited December 2018
Maul: now that he has a health on kill card he is almost immortal in Galactic assault, to remedy this, I'd suggest lowering his Health by a reasonable ammount, (100 seems good). It would mean he can still wreck infantry like he does now, but will need to be somewhat more cautious.

Greivous: he is an absolute beast at landing one-three hit K.O.s on the battlefront. For balance, lower his health by 100 or 150 to make him more of a glass cannon. He doesn't need a damage nerf in my opinion, because he tends to die a lot already (at least for me anyway), this health nerf I suggested would apply to the Greivous experts out there who know how to use him to his full potential.

Phasma: her health on ability card is absolute garbage, the only way to fix her is to rework her staff strikes ability completely. In addition, her gun needs a slight buff in my opinion, it is just weak.

Chewbacca: his health on ability card should by attached to his furious bowcaster instead of his charge slam, mainly because his slam does not do enough damage to get kills consistently as well as the fact that it is buggy.


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