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For the new lightsaber combat update

Hey EA, been playing Battlefront 2 since it first dropped, pre-ordered it, I’m happy with all the new content and updates and I still play religiously. I read the upcoming update for the lightsaber combat.. constantly being staggered when blocked was really annoying and it’s great that it’s being fixed but I think a well timed block should stagger the opponent.. also not being able to swing when stamina runs out sounds good but it may not translate well in GA and faster stamina regeneration may be required.. but being able to continuously attack an opponent that’s blocking to wear their stamina down does sound great.. in Star Wars the combat is very fluid in that way where someone can continue to attack while the other continues to block so it’s great that it’s being implemented. I hope this is taken into consideration because I’ve played though all the updates and changes and consider myself a Battlefront pro.. I hope my experience and two cents can help shape the gameplay


  • The new lightsaber system as described in the transmission sounds just right. I think you guys should push forward with it and get it into the wild and then tweak it from there :-) thanks for working on this.
  • Royox
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    And reminder that EA: Battlefront had Lightsaber clash duels and were so damn epic
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