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Community Transmission

Combat changes

With the new transmission it is confirmed combat will be updated. The removal of stagger from blocking and attacking with depleted stamina are welcome changes imo.

However reading the transmission I confused if these two changes are coming later in 2019 or with tomorrow's patch.

Below is a quote from the transmission and I would like some clarification with the bolded.

"The biggest change you will notice with this is how attacking heroes will no longer stagger backwards upon hitting a defending hero. We’ve also made the change that once a hero has run out of stamina, they will not be able to attack.

These changes begin to roll out within the December Update, where we will be replacing the stamina reticule with a brand-new user interface element which will offer better insight into how much stamina you have remaining."

Are these two combat changes coming tomorrow or in 2019?


  • doubt it. by saying "begin to roll out" it probably means its a multiphase process with first step being stamina recticle update.
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