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Seriously are you going to fix this game and stop throwing dust in the eyes?

With every update i hope i see fixes, even minor fixes.
Nothing works well with this game: blocking, force abilities, dodging out of a fight, ghosts kills you in hvv, etc

I laughed at this:
"Further adjustments have been made, including improvements to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s model and character rigging. Many of these changes won’t be visible on first glance, but they all go together to improve the overall quality and feel of General Kenobi."

Many of these changes won’t be visible on first glance
Ofcourse we will not see the changes because there are noone. Kenobi is broken, you just throw us a skin and that's it, you call it content. FIX the game. 1 year passed and you did almost nothing. Everything that happened this year could have been achieved in 3-4 months. Atleast say it that you don't care about this game anymore and that's it, we move on.


  • I have to agree. Another update without a fix to Jabba's Palace. This is starting to become a joke. EA/Dice are more concerned with putting costumes out for heroes than actually making sure the game works. Here comes another update full of bugs! Merry Christmas!
  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    My latest pet peeve is the need to fix the wookie imploder that kills you through walls. THAT is annoying!
    You run, roll or jump for cover as you see the icon flashing and die on the other side of a freaking wall as it goes off!!

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