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[PC] GOLD Squadron - Starfighter Assault Clan

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From the failed idea to start this as a german squadron I'm switching to an english speaking clan.

The plan is not so play Starfighter Assault alone, chat a little, and sometimes even shoot the mission objectives.

If possible in style, in formation, sitting in a Y-Wing. :)
Of course this is not possible on most maps, but hey, it makes a lot of fun.

Plan is to group up with 2 or 3 Y-wings and do the Bombing runs pretty much like the NPC Y-Wings. Except we do Damage and 3 synchrone activated Ion Cannons should be quite effective.

Needles to say the Y-Wing is my favorite fighter since my older brother got one to his birthday when Return of the Jedi was released. Of course I wanted to have an X-Wing like the cool guys in the movie, but soon began to love my Y-Wing. So I was not really happy when there was only an npc version of the Y-Wing in Battlefront I.

I have started a discord server for coordination.
Even afaik discord messes up with my Origin Overlay, so we need to find something different for voice coordination.

I'm not a 24/7 player, but play mostly on these times:

Mon-Friday 7pm - 8.15pm CET
On the weekends mostly 2pm - 4pm CET

For the timezone check CET time or time in Germany.

I have managed to get my 3 Fighter types to purple and now try to upgrade the Hero ships as I usually suck on them except Tallie and Lando. I'm not really a pro player but got a lot better since playing, switching mouse sensitivity up and not just dive into the red blob.

So if you want to join please add me on Origin or join the discord.
Origin name: GOLD_1_Vander

Of course what is without explanation:
No cheating
No whining
No harassment of other players:
"Yes, I hate it also to be killed 32times by Redbaron_Germany or New_Rosterman or Wildpeasant. Still no excuse to get floppy."

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