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Focused Feedback

QOL In-Game Suggestions

These are things that I see other games do that make for nice QOL and less common questions asked in the forums:

Patch notes - have a link on the main menu page with the most recent patch notes and known issues. Also, the day anew patch is released, players get a pop-up that a new patch has been released since they last logged in and to click ok to view them, or click to continue.
I'm sure the percentage of players who come to these forums and Reddit is small. This would keep players informed. If it is in-game, it's not easy to find.

Current rotation list - With all of the events and changes, it'd nice to go to the mode and see what the current map rotation is. If it's a special/limited event, put the dates they're active. I okay this game very day and I have no idea what the rotation is.


  • I've always found that the patch notes on the consoles or in-game to be very terrible. I don't think people should HAVE to come here for the patch notes.
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