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No Way to Choose Era or Faction?

Am I just blind, or is there no way to only play a specific faction and a specific era?

I have absolutely zero interest in playing as Rebel scum. Give me droids or Stormtroopers any day.

Is there some hidden alternative queue menu that provides these choices?

Or are you forced to play whatever faction and era it puts you in for Galactic Assault?


  • You can cancel a map before it starts. No choice after that. Except quitting.

    I don't like the rebels either (except Luke and Wookie Warrior), and i don't like the sequel maps, or open maps in general. Give me DS2, Kamino, Tatooine, Naboo, Kessel and Jabba's Palace (best map in the game!)

  • Nope, no map select, no side select, nothing at all. You get "play" and "don't play"... Welcome to games by EA
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