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Chewbacca still very underwhelming in Galactic Assault

The latest changes for Chewbacca have definitely made him more balanced against heroes in hero modes, however, I still feel he is incredibly worthless in GA. Chewbacca is suppose to be the light side's tank in a way like Vader, but I don't feel that at all. Chewbacca still feels incredibly fragile. When Chewbacca feels weaker than the Wookiee Warrior, you know there's a huge problem there. I even accomplish more with Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, who used to be incredibly fragile without the health card, to very strong heroes in the right hands. There are some changes that can be implemented to improve Chewbacca's usefulness in GA.

1. Give Chewbacca a health on kill card. I really don't feel the charge slam is entirely reliable when desperately going for kills to get health back. He's suppose to suffer less damage while charging, but most of the time I just end up losing even more health for attempting to use the ability in the first place. And with Chewbacca backed into a corner, he can't accomplish much compared to Han and Lando. I know Chewbacca is meant for close range, but it just sucks he dies so easily when he doesn't have a health on kill card that can help him last longer. I mean with the latest changes a health on kill card wouldn't make him OP so give him that.

2. Buff Charge Slam Damage. Chewbacca's charge slam only does 150 damage to enemies and heroes. I feel that is too weak for a tank like Chewie. Han has the Detonite Charge (bonus damage for a certain star card) and Lando has his sharpshooter which each does 200 damage to enemies, so why can't Chewbacca do the same amount of damage to enemies. I've been using the star card that does more damage in a closer radius, but it rarely works for me as I end up dealing with buffed enemies it's ridiculous. If Chewbacca is suppose to feel mighty, I'm not seeing it when it comes to the charge slam.

3. Raise health regeneration. I feel the biggest problem for Chewbacca is that his health regeneration is too low. 150 base regeneration is not a good idea for him as there are so many times I end up getting blindsided by an enemy like an assault and I lose a great deal of health since his Bowcaster has a slower fire rate than a trooper's blaster and I just lose health in a flash. Also the fact that Chewbacca heavily relies on close-range to deal with enemies, it's just bad how quickly he loses health to regular troopers. Raise his health regeneration to 250 or 300 to help him survive longer, especially when suffering damage against heroes.

I really want to like Chewbacca in GA, but the way he is right now makes him such a poor choice when attempting to be aggressive with him. The changes to the damage output with his Bowcaster hasn't made much of a difference when dealing with troopers more easily. I witness so many Chewbacca players go down incredibly easily compared to Han, Lando, & Finn. I even hear some players say "Why did I pick Chewie, he's so bad in GA." I'll even take the Wookiee Warrior with a health buff and stronger Bowcaster if Chewbacca is gonna continue to remain so weak in GA. I'm at least glad he got fixed in hero modes as he was so OP in those modes, but Chewbacca is so underwhelming in GA.


  • I prefer DICE to tone down all Heros in GAs. I would rather not have the grunts just run out to the slaughter when any Hero just waltz's in to the area. I'm tired of schmoes like that tipping the balance of the GA episodes. Leave hero's to be heroes in HvsV.
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