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No Match for a Good Blaster

| arcade game mode concept: Holo simulator |

In hopes of winning the war the military has decided to use holographic simulators (holosims) to help train their soldiers. The soldiers placed in a room made of holograms are eager to prove what they are made of.

arcade 1-2 player (4 if that ever happens.)

Objective. pretty much forge on halo or creative on fortnite.

Game play is made of two sections. Play and Build

You spawn in as any skin you own in your collection. even heroes, though they will have no extra life. No classes exist, everyone is the same except for skin. Everyone has a default life amount of 150, which can be changed in a in game menu. And no weapons or abilities, but you can add some in the in game menu.

The goal is to reach a kill goal, which is adjustable before the game. Teams can be changed in game.
Players go around the map picking up weapons and abilities and fighting each other. (using X).

(such as thermal detonator) are used by charges (similar to the lightsaber dashes), They can be used with out cooldown but when the charges run out they do not recharge. When a player dies their equipment is dropped onto the floor and available for pickup. Abilities follow no boundaries (except charges) so they will fit in any slot.( You can have two rights, for instance thermal detonator and acid launcher at the same time.) Remember there are no classes so abilities can mix.

All weapons are available including light sabers and hero blasters. Force lightning can also be equipped.
Weapons are grabbed using X.

(star fighters and ground vehicles) a available find and operate. a player will get in by pressing and holding X and same to get out. You don't have to spawn in them just find them. If you get out they will not be destroyed. But if you get out of a starfighter before landing you will take fall damage. Star fighters takeoff and land using A. You are allowed to use Laats u wings and attes also

To start players choose any default map, a default environment with no buildings. (ex. tatooine or just flat sand)
or just a completely blank world. The world can be any size of your choice the max being an entire galactic assault map size. When you are finished building you click save. and it will save it. when you are done you can hit reset and it will reset it to the last save( if a weapon is used up it will refill and return to original position. same if a vehicle has been destroyed

You select an item using A and place it with A. Rotate it with the bumpers. and delete with X.

The build menu is divided into categories.

Walls, Ceilings and Floors
You have a wide variety of materials from the different maps to build with. Some examples. metal, the death star walls, dirt and sand floors, tatooine, endor. Sand walls. Salt floors, Rock floor and walls.
And many other things.

computer consoles. crates. plants. animals

death star bridges. bespin elevators and other moving pieces.

every in game vehicle and star fighter if it will fit in your space.

All weapons. including hero weapons

all Trooper abilities. Hero abilities. (ex smoke grenade.) and force abilities. before placing you decide how many charges it has. some abilities must have a light saber(ex light saber throw) but force abilities don't.


AI troopers that we already have. they can't change what they have you just select what class they are and there area of patrol. also the AI vehicles we already have such as homing spider.


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