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Question For The Battlefront II Community? Would You Like To See Rogue One Content In 2019?



  • This has already been established as an overwhelming yes a while ago.
  • Scariff for galactic and starfighter assault
  • Rogue One content please!

    Scarif (GA and Conquest) (and a small part of the map for Blast, HvV, Arcade)
    Scarif Shield Gate (SA, Hero Starfighters, Arcade)
    Jedha City (small scale map) (Extraction, HvV, Blast, Arcade)
    Add more Extraction and Hunt maps please!

    What the ROADMAP should look like for 2019/2020:
    “Season” 4: Rogue One
    “Season” 5: Clone Wars Revival
    “Season” 6: Episode IX
  • I'll give you money I swear
  • SVEJ
    1158 posts Member
    masontcarr wrote: »
    I did this with what content the community would want in 2019. This time, i'm doing it with Rogue One. If Rogue One comes back in Battlefront II in 2019, it could be great content if we get a break from clone wars content. Clone Wars content should definitely continue in 2019, if we get a small break from it, Rogue One could be the content for the game at that time. We could see Jyn, Krennic, Scarif, and Shore Troopers return to the game. What are your guys though on this?

    wasn't part of the survey they asked earlier this year. what ever they asked is what we will get, sometimes i think the maps are already pre made and content was held back to make it look like they are working,
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