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SWBF2 - 2005 - patch glitch

I'm installing this patch all the time, is it glitch or patch is incoming for multiplayer in classic?


  • The game's trying to tell you something.

    *Soft voice in the distance*

    "Don't buy Battlefront II 2017"

    *Voice continues*

    "Buy me instead."

    *Voice fades*
  • This old BF2 is so fun! Galactic conquest, all heroes for free from day one... Real space battles with possibility to jump in and out fighters to get into the foe's destroyer... Space dogfight mod... BF1 maps mods... High number of fighters over the ground maps... Better weapons on skills during the current life and not inherited from before...

    Ok, some maps and heroes are very unbalanced but it remains really fun to play.
  • ok but I can download this patch all the time and nothing happens
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