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Star fighter assault

Now we have seen many changes to the game things added but not once have we really gotten anything added to star fight assault. I for one love this mode and would at least love to see more maps since it has gotten stale playing in the same maps for over a year now. Will there be any hope or chance we will get to see new maps at least next year?


  • 8 months later........nothing :'(
  • Laser921
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    Honestly, at least in my opinion, its a terrible mode. Hal the time you get shot and cant tell from where you're getting hit and the most annoying thing is the stuns (yoda, y wing ion cannons) last way to freaking long. I tried the mode after not playing it for a very long time and I got the Scimitar, was doing fine, when that stupid Yoda shock hit me and theres no way to defend against it. So Im sorry but if there is or isnt any new content for this mode, its no big deal to me.
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