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How to Make Boba Good w/o Insane Flight Time

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This is NOT a proposal to buff Boba. Instead, this is a proposal to lower his flight capability and make him more viable on ground. This should maintain how good he is currently while reducing the amount of running Bobas we see in HvV.

Make his jetpack fuel only usable during his For the Hunt ability (radar ability), but he has more fuel than usual. Also, give For the Hunt a longer duration. Then, increase his health by 100 (for a total of 650) so he is viable on the ground and reduce spread on his EE-3.
Make it so that he isn't knocked out of the air by explosive shot upgrades and Wookie Warriors (but he still gets knocked down by Chewie). For the love of god, at least make it so a Blurrg or DC-15LE with a mod can't knock a dude wearing Mandalorian armor out of the sky.

Make his concussion rocket automatically disable blasters and make the current star card for that raise the duration instead. It can disable blasters for .20 seconds and be upgraded the same way it already is: Level 1 .50, Level 2 .80, Level 3 1.20, Level 4 1.50. This will also increase his viability in actual, non-running combat.

What would this mean?

Boba only has 1 method of flying, which goes through his second ability. He can fly a lot for the duration of the ability, more than he currently can, but once that is done, he is grounded. He also can't just fly forever during his ability, but as I said, he has more fuel during the ability than he has fuel currently. This really isn't so bad if you choose to use the card that reduces the cooldown on For the Hunt by an entire 7 seconds.

Boba will have more health and a better gun, meaning it's not necessary to run so much.

A problem with this and how to fix:

This would change two of his star cards: the ones that affect jetpack fuel. One lets him use 15% less fuel and the other makes fuel refill 15% faster when not flying. The solution?

First, repurpose the Fuel Efficiency card so it works exactly like it does currently, only during the For the Hunt ability, since that's the only time fuel would be usable. This would give For the Hunt a second modifier card, where it currently only has one card modifying it.

Second, for the card that refills fuel faster when not being used, it can just be removed and replaced with something else. I suggest a card which reduces his overall defense, like Yoda's Jedi Mentor card which, when maxed, reduces all damage taken by 8%. The card can be called Mandalorian Iron, referring to the material his armor is made of. This will also help him on the ground.

As a Boba Fett main tired of others giving Boba a bad name with their cowardice, I approve this message.
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  • These are good suggestions. He is by far the weakest villain. His armor is made of wet napkins, his concussion missile is useless, and his gun is sloppy. He diffidently needs some work.
  • Good sugestions, but I would also change barrage, so it would lose a substantial amount of damage, but gain on splash radius and activation time. Also please make this ability good without a star card, at the same lowering the the star card gain to level of other dmg buffers, which improve the abilities only around 20%
  • darkside is already op if they buff boba they need to nerf someone else
  • BryceBAM
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    jordi1337 wrote: »
    darkside is already op if they buff boba they need to nerf someone else

    The intent isn't to be a buff, but instead a rework. Remove a lot of his flight capability while still keeping it and make him more viable on ground. Boba is a powerful villian when used correctly and doesnt need a buff.

    They still totally need to nerf Grievous though.
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    Thread approved. Bumping.
  • Thread approved. Bumping.

    Thanks man :)
  • Fett certainly needs a boost. I wouldn’t mess w/ his flight since it’s his distinctive trait, plus he can’t jump like Bossk or jedi. It’s disappointing that his barrage is weaker than an aerial’s rocket launcher, and his EE ridle does seem weak relative to its ROF.
  • I like this idea!
  • Fully agree!

    Boba has a crutch ability and an annoying evasiveness. He worked a lot better in the first game where every ability felt good (flamethrower excepted, although that became amazing to use on Chewie if you did it right). His blaster has way too much spread and feels pretty weak, he has the lowest health of any hero and his concussion rocket is...underwhelming. Your suggestions would go a long way to making him feel much better.
  • Disagree a lot.

    They only need to give Boba an aimer for his EE-3 and prevent standard character abilities from knocking him out of the sky. Only hero abilities should knock him out of the sky. They don't need to do anything else with Boba really.

    I think that there are better options to prevent the constant boba running and flying all over the place. My suggestion is to fix the blaster heros instead. These are the things that I suggest need to be fix, tweeked, or addressed with the blaster heros:
    1. Han needs to be able to shoot slightly farther away and his blaster bolts/bullets needs to travel faster to the target. Right now if boba flies approximately 15-20 character lengths away(imagine if you took Han's height and measure 15-20 han solos away from himself) then his blaster bolts are too slow to hit boba at that distance and boba flies out of range before the bullet hits the point you were aiming at. This means you have to lead boba a lot, which can be pretty difficult to do with the speed at which boba flies, obstacles that get in the way, the turn rate of han while he is aiming, etc. You also have to lead boba more the farther away he gets. It makes it extremely difficult to hit Boba because of all these things. Han should still be allowed to hit boba within the 15-20 character radius, so the blaster bolt speed and distance should be slightly increased.
    2. Also han's rapid fire ability needs to activate faster and it SHOULDN'T slow his movement or turning speed. I mean leia gets the same ability essentially and she doesn't slow down.....Han has way more experience with a blaster than Leia at least from what we see in the movies, so why should he be slowed down?
    3. Same thing with Lando's blaster as Han's blaster. He needs to be able to shoot slightly farther away, his blaster bolts need to travel faster too. Leave the accuracy where it is at presently though, so Lando doesn't become too OP. Same issues arise trying to hit Fett when he is flying away or around you at 15-20 character lengths from Lando.
    4. Also his smoke should last longer without a star card. I mean it's practically useless in every game mode, unless you have star cards and even with star cards it still really sucks. I think that the duration should be increased and possibly size of the cloud too. The star cards that increase duration and size should just add to this buff to make it last even longer and become even bigger. This could then potentially make the gun super useful and also give another tactic to the light side to use for both HvV and GA. I mean lightside really needs some help presently in HvV to make it more balanced.
    5. I think that Finn should activate his undercover boss ability faster, it should also allow him to move faster/sprint because it's such a light gun. I also think the ability should do stinger damage instead of revealing people. I mean revealing people as Finn is pretty useless when you already have Rey that can reveal so much farther away. Finn needs a better ability or an ability swap that will allow him to compete better against sith lords. Just look at why Han, Lando, and Chewy before nerf were so effective against sith lords. They had at least one ability that could get through sith block, where as Finn only has blaster abilities.
    6. Something...... and I'm not sure exactly what..........needs to be done about his blasters, both primary and secondary. His primary blaster is really slow to shoot and aim when you are scooped in. His secondary blaster isn't activate long enough. I really think that they just need to allow him to switch between the two weapons himself. I mean his primary weapon doesn't work well in a lot of maps and in other maps it's probably the only weapon you want to use. If they allow him to switch between the weapons himself, then the undercover boss ability should either do stinger damage and reveal, or just add stinger damage instead, or allow him to do stinger damage and sprint. It should do some combination of these things instead.
    7. Leia needs another ability instead of shield for HvV or at least the ability to deactivate her own shield.
    8. Leia also needs an upgrade to her flash grenade. It should work more like officer flash grenade use to work in that movement is reduced and maybe the flash lasts a little longer. Also I think that the names of the characters should either be removed completely so you can't see them when you are blinded or they should flicker in and out, so that the person blinded isn't completely screwed. The effect on boba is that it would either prevent him from flying off for a limited time or it would reduce his movement while flying, or it might invert his controls for flying since he is blind.
    9. Chewy just needs an increase in size to his ground slam and the ground slam should activate instantaneously if he jumps in the air instead of the slight delay falling back to the ground that it does currently. The increase to the radius should be both horizontal and vertical, so that it has a better chance of knocking not only Fett out of the sky if he is hovering close above you, but also emperor for doing the same thing.
    10. Pretty much all lightsaber heros are fine against fett.....except yoda. Obiwan just needs an improvement to make his abilities work more consistently when you press them. Also the same thing with force pushes.
    11. So with yoda in HvV he is pretty weak still and has the most difficulty against Fett than any other lightside character. You can equip star card to give yoda increased minimum force push to help, but it only does a little since fett is pretty far out of range most of the time. What I think yoda needs is an increase in his jump, so that he can reach fett and higher places like the other jedi characters. Yoda also needs a reduced animation time for his standard attack, so that he isn't stuck performing a really long attack animation when he misses.....which happens a lot in HvV because villians can move and evade pretty fast. Also I think that one of yoda's health star cards should be changed to increase his movement speed. This could really help in both HvV, so that yoda can catch up to not only a running Boba, Grievous, Maul, and he can't catch up to any of these characters if they keep running presently....but it could also help reduce the amount of health buffs that the lightside uses, plus all the boosts and time decreases for those health buffs. Which has really turned GA in to chaotic pile of health buffing, health regen'ing garbage.

  • That's pretty stupid. The thing about Boba is that you can fly whenever you want to. You can't have a boba with jetpack cooldown.
  • I agree
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