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Finn's "A Fight You Can Win" Challenge

After a full year of dedicated gameplay which included the lengthy process of grinding out each & every single playable Class, Hero & Vehicle up to their respective Max Rank, I have finally reached the final stretch of completing the remaining 9 challenges that I have left in the game. Many have been rather easy to complete while a few have proven to be more than just a little troublesome for me... and even still there have been a certain select few others
which have proven themselves to be extraordinarily difficult to even dream of ever nailing, although I have not yet given up hope.


... ☝️😐

One challenge still remains that I fear I may NEVER be able to complete, that being Finn's "A Fight You Can Win" challenge in which we need to somehow land 20 headshot kills on Troopers with his GLIE-44 pistol, which of course means that it can currently ONLY be accomplished while playing Galactic Assault.

But from what I've discovered in my research concerning this particular challenge is that, while it was apparently ALREADY a difficult enough challenge to complete in its originally released state, this challenge has recently been altered in such a way as to make it even LESS likely to be completed by anyone other than, perhaps, a top level player by forcing the kills to ONLY be counted against Troopers when it had originally allowed the kill to count against ANY other online player.

Proof of this can be found here, where several people claim to have completed the challenge in HvV at some point before August 20th:

Since there appears to have been a notably lengthy amount of time when players were able to complete this challenge without the added difficulty of only being able to complete it against the Trooper class, & therefore only within the constraints of a full Galactic Assault mission, & with this challenge now proving itself to be nearly impossible for at least SOME of the playerbase such as myself, I would like to ask if the original conditions could be reinstated, allowing a headshot kill against ANY class, including Heroes, within ANY available multiplayer game mode, including HvV & Hero Showdown, to count towards its completion.

With so many new players coming into the game, & since there are sure to be some who might also wish to try for 100% completion, I feel it would only be fair to them as well to allow them the same opportunities that the original playerbase enjoyed. Not to mention that I find it to be rather disconcerting that I am faced with what appears to be such a nearly insurmountable challenge in order to achieve my goal when so many others before me have clearly been able to complete this task with far more relaxed parameters.

After all, it's gonna' be hard enough as it is for me & others like myself to luck out & score such situationally-reliant challenges as Luke's "Everyone Needs a Push" and Boba Fett's "Triple Rocket Barrage". Give us a break, maybe... could ya'?

Pretty Please?? 😁
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