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My thoughts on Obi-Wan Kenobi (currently)

So far I enjoy using Obi-Wan as his defensive play style makes him unique compared to other lightsaber heroes. He really works well against troopers and occasionally blaster heroes. Unfortunately I find him too weak against the lightsaber villains. I don't have a problem with his mobility, damage output, and his swing speed as those have been fixed with improved animations. I just struggle with him when trying to defeat many force wielding villains. Here are my issues and how they could be improved.

1. Buggy All-Out Push. Right now Obi-Wan's push only works about 50% of the time. It's really effective when it lands, but there are many instances where the ability bugs out such as cancelling even while holding down the charge and not responding at all even when the charge is finished. These bugs need to be addressed so the ability is more reliable.

2. Restrictive Mind Trick is too weak. I feel Obi-Wan's mind trick is far less powerful than Rey's mind trick. It's good when the enemies' abilities become jammed and the effects are better with the star card that makes it last longer. This works rather well against troopers and blaster heroes except Boba Fett & Bossk. What makes the ability worthless is how the ability without a star card finishes really quickly compared to Rey's mind trick it's hardly worth using against enemies half the time. Since the ability doesn't hinder movement speed like Rey's and enemies can still jump although enemies can't roll or dash, that's a problem. Against lightsaber heroes and Bossk, the ability doesn't do anything as all they have to do is to bunny hop and wait until the effect of the mind trick finishes. As a result I feel I accomplished nothing with it. Even when fighting Maul & Palpatine with the mind trick it won't matter too much as all they will do is jump around. The ability is so useless against Vader, Kylo Ren, & Grievous as they can just block while mind tricked. The mobility should be limited a little more or have the base effect last longer to give it more of a use. Jamming enemy abilities is a strong ability, but what good is it if the effect is too short and particular heroes can just jump and all.

3. Defensive Rush doesn't increase speed & can't knock down enemies. Kenobi's Defensive Rush is great against troopers with the buffed star card, but against heroes it really sucks as it feels less stronger than Rey's Dash Strike. First off, Obi-Wan doesn't get a speed boost while using it and it doesn't knock down enemies. Even though Obi-Wan can no longer be damaged with lightsaber swings while using it, that won't matter as lightsaber heroes don't get knocked down and they can just resume spam swinging. Have Obi-Wan move faster with the ability and have it knock down enemies so the impact is stronger against the Dark Side heroes.

4. Obi-Wan's block is failing against Palpatine's Lightning. I'm noticing how Obi-Wan's block doesn't work against Palpatine's lightning compared to the others. Have Obi-Wan's block be more responsive when dealing with Palpatine's Lightning.

Obi-Wan can be good when you know how to play defensively, but the way he is makes him the weakest lightsaber hero when dealing with the villains. Improve his abilities and fix his bugs and we'll have a good hero on our hands.
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