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Bossk Balance Suggestions

1. Dioxys Grenade. I'm finding it really annoying how Bossk's Dioxys can go through walls. I don't have a problem with the ability damage wise, star card use, and attack in the open. I just find it rather bizarre how his Dioxys can go through walls and damage enemies in that regard. Remove the use of his Dioxys going through walls to better balance his grenade.

2. Proximity Mines. First off, everybody is using the multi-traps star card as using it makes the attack really deadly, especially against heroes. Just going through 5 mines takes away half or more than half of a hero's health and it is so hard to see where they are. Nerf the damage against heroes so he's more balanced if the effects of the multi-traps card will remain the same.

3. Predator Instincts. The ability is not the problem. There are times while using it, thermal signatures from enemies don't show at all, which causes me to fire blindly hoping for the best. There are also moments when some enemies show thermal signatures, but not all of them which makes me wonder why that is the case. Fix the bugs with Predator Instincts.


  • Dioxsis is too much for me. I don't mind that it heals Bossk, but in general his Dioxsis is too much of a game changer: too much influence in how things turn out.
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