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Not a fan of this game

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I buyed BF2 for 10 Euro! That was to mutch!
I play it round about one week.
Today, I had one match against 10 Heros!!! How should we win? Next match I joint... One side 7 Heros and all 7 over 30 Kills. Other side, best player 6 Kills.
That is no gameplay! Only the 24/7 gamers play heros after 1 minute. Normal gamers have no chance. 5/20 Kills is normal. Thats no fun!

Also the gameplay. It's always the same... 20 guys each team stand infront of two entries and shooting, shooting, shooting. No tactis are possible.
In BF1 the maps were mutch better. You can fight inside or outside at the same time. You'll never had the point, were 20 vs20 stand face to face.

BF2 is only for Pro-Gamers. Normal gamers has no chance. Gameplay is worst, because only maps with 20 vs 20 face to face. And about the aiming in the Starfighter I'll don't talk!!!
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  • That is because of the Heroes Villains weekend. Otherwise it is fun and you just need to get the right weapons. But HV-WE totally destroys all of the gameplay.
  • Well, first of all welcome to BFII ^^

    Yes, till January 1st you will have to deal with pro players who can be heroes in few seconds. My advice is to get the Officer class, which you will get fast points by doing nothing that press a button. Also with sniper class you get a lot of points.

    Yeah, some maps sucks, thats why all people love Geonosis despite it is beautiful. Kamino, Naboo or Starkiller have some bottlenecks in some phases, but still a pretty cool game.

    Enjoy and may the force be with you!
  • Exactly. And this game also lacks balance. The fact that new players are put in same category and same matches as veteran players is ridiculous. I bought this game recently as well and it is the first PVP game mode I have played where there is no level balance and it ruins the whole gaming experience, if I could I would refund the game because even 10 euros was too much for this game. It is a game that only pro veteran battlefront players enjoy, it has nothing for new players other than the single player story campaign.
  • I will admit, this game is unbalanced, very buggy, and almost unplayable, but its impossible to encounter more than 4 heroes at a time. Unless you're referring to the Heroes Unleashed event, which in that case, is supposed to be chaotic. In Heroes Unleashed, all heroes are 75% off, so it's not difficult to get a hero, the max price is 1,500 for a hero, and they end up losing them in around one minute, so you shouldn't have had any problem getting one. If you're not talking about Heroes Unleashed, then that's a bit of an exaggeration there isn't it?
  • Evo911
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    Personnaly i prefered the game at the very beginning than now. Lot of updates pointless, bringing moreover bugs.
    Known bugs not fixed.
    Stupid events.
    Some added characters not with the country's original voice.
    Had also server problems.

    Incredible game, playing every day, but i'm disapointed by what is done after.
    It is like the game was build by professional, and the follow-up by amateurs..

  • Next bad thing is balance.
    Today I played round about 40 matches in galactic assault. I won two!
    Really at every match the balance of the teams was horrorble. My teams... maybe 2 or 3 players with 20 kills, other teams 5 players with 40, 50, 60, 70 Kills and next 5 about 20-30 kills.
    And that in nearly every of the 40 matches. That can't be true!
    Is this balance?
    I thougth the balance in BF1 was bad, but the balance in BF2?
    I think, there is no balance. Or mayba it's EA and Dice balance to but all pro gamers in one team, every time!
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