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i miss walker assault in arcade! (Battlefront2)

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edited December 2018
Hi there

from Star Wars Battlefront 2015 you had a game mode for arcade: Walker Assault
ofcourse playing with other players is the most fun, but sometimes i played Walker Assault in Arcade on Battlefront 2015 to kill the A.I on hardest just if i didn't wan't to play with players.

but i miss this Arcade Game Mode on Battlefront 2 maybe its an idea to release it?
or am i the only one that wants this game mode in arcade?.

Arcade Team Battle is boring me already just like to have something new there :), also Battlefront 2015 had different game modes in Arcade.

Greetings Ricardo


  • Me too.
  • PhilC
    31 posts Member
    It's a shame that they did not have Galactic Assault in Arcade. I really don't understand why all online modes aren't available offline. Call of Duty comes out every year with game modes available at launch online and offline. The fact that they did not add Strike to offline mode or add modes like Cargo and Droid Run to the Arcade offline mode was a mistake as well.
  • I wholeheartedly agree! I'll keep my hopes up it might be added!
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