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Lightsaber swings doing no damage to ground vehicles & turrets

I've started noticing how lightsaber swings are dealing absolutely no damage to vehicles and turrets. While I was playing as Darth Maul, I continuously swung at an AT-RT and it did nothing at all resulting in me taking more damage than I normally do when attacking an AT-RT. A few seconds later I noticed I wasn't doing anything so I had to damage the driver instead and AT-RTs are so easy to destroy as a lightsaber hero, so there has to be a bug. This also applies to turrets which makes me wonder how hard can it possibly be for a lightsaber to destroy a turret. This needs to be fixed real soon as lightsaber heroes feel so helpless against most vehicles, especially the STAP.


  • agree it should be like in the beginning of the geonosis update where you could damage the hardcells as a lightsaber hero
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