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Theory - Kylo Ren's suit increases his force powers?

Kylo Ren was able to freeze a blaster bolt in mid air and hold it there for a bit. A feat that no one else in SW films has been able to do. YET.....he almost got his arm took off by Finn (who is not a Jedi and has no light saber training) in a light saber duel.

So my theory is that his suit / helmet enhances his powers somehow. So maybe it was able to direct his force energy on an acquired target while he walked around not focusing his attention. I liken this to how the Predator locks onto an object then turns his head and body and walks away then still fires the plasma cannon. The computer might assist him to smooth out control of his powers.

This would explain him crushing the helmet in the if to say "I'm more than this!!!! I don't need this!!!."

But in reality its like when Rey taunted him and said "You're afraid you will never be as powerful as Darth Vader". So if Grievous can wield sabers stronger and faster than any Jedi and yet he is not a jedi just a cyborg. Then maybe there is a suit / or helmet (or both) that can make a decent force user into a PHENOMENAL force user.

When he fought Finn and Rey in the woods he didn't have the helmet. Which explains how Finn could almost hold his own and how Rey with just instincts and the force could best him (or Ren just suck lol).

Kylo Ren is a Vader fanatic so maybe he studied his helmet and suit and reverse engineered it. Not realizing that Vader had different reasons for that suit.


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