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Shock abilities OP AF!!!

The duration on shock abilities is too much, especially for fasma and chewy.
I can see the need for a shock ability for blaster heroes, but the card that increases the duration is ridiculous. A blaster hero/villian can melt the health of an opposing hero/villian to zero, and the defending hero/villian is immobilized with no way to defend of break out if said shock. It's instent death! Are there plans to get rid of duration increase cards or something to balance the op nature of shock abilities?


  • GrayOne
    406 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Maybe if the duration card time was capped so that the max dp output would be no more that approximately half the heroes health. Game play towards finishing off an already damaged hero as apposed to being able to melt the entire health bar of someone. With all do respect, seems like a huge oversight on a developers part, when it comes to balancing one vs one hero engagements. Just nerf the duration card please.
  • Its not going to happen because every character with a shock ability is a one trick character who would never be picked without it. You will just have to learn to play around the shock. Don't get in range of Phasmas droid, block or shoot it instead and use force push to get her away from it. Get behind Iden and Lando don't attack them head on. Chewi and Palpatine shock the ground so stay in the air and cc them.
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