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few suggestions form a new player that didn't read the whole forum

first of all ;-) please continue the story, beacause it's great. You are making a gread campains for single player, and i mean it.
seacond af all:
could you please make a starfighter team deatmatch? 8v8 or 12v12 with 100 ships for each team?

and the last one ...
since there are a lot of coop games lately is there any chance to make a coop mission for ppl to play? with a boss fight at the end (common soldiers against a jedi or something like that)

At the end i'd like to thank you for all the work you've put in the game.
Sincerly Kuba


  • I agree. The story was great. And for me (someone who does not enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game because of the lack of balance) a coop mode where you can play with friends against AI and boss fights would be amazing!
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