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There Needs To Be A Forced Respawn Timer

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The one thing I like about the Heroes Unleashed events is that it allows more heroes on the battlefield at a time, reducing players camping for a hero instead helping the team and PTO. Now that it's over, we're back to 4-6+ players waiting on for a hero. Could you please implement an automatic 15 second auto respawn, and a 30 second lockout period where you can't use the respawn button after spawning in.
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  • This has been needed for a LONG time. Give people 15 seconds to sit and hope for a hero, and then respawn them.

    Wonder how this will be when there are only 2 heroes available instead of 9....
  • I think they should add that message, "Would you like to play as a Hero?" and give it to people, one at a time, as they hit the threshold and heroes become available.
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