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Focused Feedback

I quit!

I took my personal time off to post my findings on this game, using Strike as a base model.
In one of my comments, I suggested to moderators that a simple 'ack' to people trying to help make the game better would be nice.
Instead, what I get, as always, is a glib, 'there is already a forum set up for this, post there. Closed. ' and, 'we don't like all caps, closed.' Not even a, 'thanks for the feedback, but we don't like all-caps'.
I know that the moderators' job is thankless; that's your own fault. Moderator responses here come off like what you'd expect from an outsourced team in India: Glib, apathetic and ...nothing else.

Only once has a moderator acknowledged criticism of a 'finding game' problem by suggesting changing the ping location (I think; maybe it was a mere user). Aside from that, we've gotten no ack at all for our time spent trying to communicate to them what problems we're seeing with the game; not once.

What we get, at most, is a report that they're 'fixed' a problem, which has nothing to do with the problem that was actually the issue; which, to this day, remains a primary problem with the game. Instead, they ignored those complaints and actually made it worse, by catering to someone's complaint about getting beat up in games by better players (maybe some PR guy's kid).

Posters are also not following the 'rules' for threads like the matchmaking mega-thread, which is now 28 pages bloated with mostly unformatted (as requested by the OP), ramblings of both on and off topic . I tried to post formatted findings there, but felt that it was just buried in a thread that wasn't getting any important 'eyeballs' anyway. Which is why I started the 'blind' thread. To illustrate my half day of struggling to find and figure out rooms, etc, in a completely ignored location: Japan.

But, you know, ClOsEd.

Posting here is about as effective as replying to an @Trump twitter post.... or an @BenWalke post.
If you see this, it means I haven't found a game in well over 30 minutes.


  • IronSoldier
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    If you have a problem with a moderators actions you can feel free to message them or anyone from the team. Actions do change and we all make mistakes or could tone things better. Live and learn eh? Just this week I reversed some warnings despite volunteer modding history for EA going back 8 years :D I like to think I keep it human and interact but there's a line you must stand on in order to keep actions objective and equal. Not to mention professional.

    In terms of EoR MM. The thread is still read and it is still something the team is aware of as matter of contention with some. If there are changes in future, i'm sure the team will make everyone aware.

    Effective feedback? If you post a bug or issue.. it's likely to be raised. Mods have the ability to raise issues and we do regularly. After that it is in the hands of the devs which is beyond my remit sadly. But tag me in issues and I will raise them.

    Going to close this here though, as you likely expected and are now rolling your eyes at :p

    My inbox is always open:
    Feel free to send bugs, feedback on improving the forum channel or what nots.
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