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Shocks and ground slam affect AIR!

WTF, so I go to jump over Phasma's Droid and it shocks me in the air. Same thing happens with chewy and landos shock. How am I suppose to dodge or counter something like that. Then frickin chewy goes to ground slam and I jump over him with a SITH and I get knocked to the ground from mid air. What the "F"devs!


  • the ground slam is a ridiculous power.
  • I hate chewie, he is too OP in HvV, even with recent changes, any half decent player can just pick chewie and easily win the game for his team, top the leaderboard, and pretend he did it based on skill. Shock, furious bowcaster combo is so broken and even if you survive that Chewie just goes into a charge slam to knock you over and very possibly kill you.
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