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PC player count?

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Anyone able to even get in enough games? Are wait times long or anything? I'm guessing we can't get an actual online player count due to other posts I've found. Don't really want to buy it if it's kind of dead, even if it's on sale.


  • jonci
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    it aint dead
  • If you're in Oceania, it's dead. Makes me quite sad as I would love to play this game more (even though it is buggy, missing core features and mechanics, etc).
  • I just have not found players in "ewoks hunt" and sometimes in "extraction mode", but the other game modes are always players.

    I use the Virginia USA server and sometimes the Oregon USA server.
  • I use the Oregon server. Have not been able to find a game all morning so far. PC players are limited and the poor matchmaking doesn't help. The game is dead when it takes more time to find a game than it does to play it. Balance is way off, but I would rather have than then no games. Supposedly console is better but I am not wasting my time with that as I have 80% of the came complete. Only 2 heroes not at 40. They need to produce a server browser. But IMO it is to late for that to make any kind of difference.
  • How can you switch Servers on the Pc Game?
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