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Destroy Boba Fett's OP'ness in Heroes vs Villains

Why this is still a problem is beyond me, because this has been a problem since Day 1. Boba Fett's Jetpack make him untouchable and invulnerable whenever playing maps such as Jakku on Heroes vs. Villains and when he is the target, it's 100% chance heroes loss until another target is picked. You ever played a Heroes vs. Villains match on Jakku where both teams have 1 target remaining and the last target is Boba Fett on the Villain's side? I have, more than I want to count. 99.999% of all Boba Fett players I have seen, both as a teammate and enemy, use Boba Fett's Jetpack to fly to areas where Blaster Heroes can't shoot and fly to another faster than Saber Heroes can reach. If your lucky, ya may get Luke's Push hit on him (since he can use it while airborne) and throw him off for a second, which ultimately proves useless. because by time you can get close enough to hit him "point-blank" he's already launched to another area. This has gotten so repetitive, I started to consider Boba Fett as "****" Fett and I don't want to play him, cause I might to the same thing, which ticks me off more. There NEEDS to be a limit on Boba Fett's Jetpack on Heroes vs. Villains game modes. And yes, the same problem can be seen with heroes who use force jumps, but they are drastically slower which, in turn, balances them out.


  • They need to make one of these two changes to fix Boba Fett and the problem you describe:

    1. I still think that Boba needs to move around kind of fast to be viable in both HvV & GA, so my first and best option is to increase the blaster bolt speed of hero blasters(this means increase bullet speed), increase the distance that the hero blasters can hit, and ALSO decrease the spread of the blaster bolts slightly for heros so that they are more accurate at longer distances. I have a TON of experience trying to shoot Fett as a Hero while he is flying around and I notice that those three problems are why most blaster heros can't get Fett. A lot of the force users can hit Fett with their force abilities and since they have high movement speeds it's a little easier to catch back up to him too.
    • Han's Blaster bolts move too slow, so by the time Boba Fett is 15-20 character lengths away from Han in any direction Han's blaster bolts are no longer able to hit Boba because they move too slowly compared to how fast fett can move. You have to lead Fett SO much when firing as Han at far distances that it is almost becomes pointless to even try to hit him because you are going to miss 90-95% of the time. You can hit him but if Boba is moving around a lot, which is typically the case, it becomes 100% impossible to hit him at those distances.
    • Also Han's Rapid fire needs to activate faster since Fett can fly off faster only makes sense.
    • The problem with Lando is that his blaster becomes super inaccurate at distances of 15-20 character lengths away from him, so only 3/10 shots will hit where you are aiming. Also the same blaster bolt speed problem happens to Lando too.
    • Leia is the best player to hit Fett because her bolts travel faster than either Han or Lando's gun. This makes it really easy to hit both Fett and Emperor when they are moving around a lot at far distances. The spread on her gun sucks a little bit and could possibly use a tweak, but I think that she has the best blaster for fighting Fett out of any of the heros.
    • The problem with Finn is three fold his primary blaster shoots too slowly to be useful most of the time for hitting Fett at close range, unless Fett is sitting still at distances greater than 20 character lengths away from Finn, then it becomes really easy to hit Fett in the head with Finn's primary blaster.
    • The second problem with Finn is that his undercover boss pistol ability takes too long to activate like Han's Rapid fire ability to make it useful against Fett. If Dice were to decrease the time it takes to activate undercover boss, so that the pistol could be pulled out faster, then Finn could potentially shoot Fett with the pistol at close range much easier. Right now by the time Finn activates the undercover boss ability Fett has flown out of range of the pistol, so it's no longer useful.
    • The third issue is when Fett fly's behind Finn and Finn has deadeye activated it takes too long to regain lock onto Fett, so the ability typically gets wasted a lot waiting to regain lock on Fett when Finn has briefly lost sight of him.
    • Chewy only needs a slight vertical increase on the attack area when going charge slam so that he has a better chance of knocking fett out of the sky if he is hovering right above you. Also the bowcaster overheat time needs to be increased slightly to be actually useful again. Right now it lasts two or three shots. It should last like 5 or 6 shots. I'm fine if people don't want the shock grenade time returned to normal, but Chewies blaster overheat should at least be returned to normal to make Chewy a more viable character to use again in HvV and GA because right now Chewy is useless in both with the nerfs that were given to him.
    • Yoda is probably the only hero that can have trouble hitting fett. in HvV Yoda typically has the hardest time to hit Fett out of any character because it's hard to build up a charge on his force push ability a lot of the time in HvV since there aren't a lot of people shooting at you. I think that to compensate Yoda should get a higher jump to be more in line with Lukes jump. This could potentially fix any issue that yoda might have getting Fett in HvV.

    2. The other option, which I don't like as much, is to decrease Boba Fett's Jet Pack Speed and increase the time that Boba Fett can stay airbourne, while also decreasing the amount of things that can knock Boba Fett out of the air. Only Force Pushes,Chewy Bowcaster Overheated & grouped standard shot, Han Detonite Charge, and Lando shock grenade should knock Boba out of the air.....nothing else! If they do this they might also need to increase Boba's Health pool to compensate.

    Originally when the game first came out Boba Fett had a much, much slower jett pack speed that made it easier to shoot him as a blaster hero. They increased it during one update in the middle of 2018 that made him fly around so fast that no one could shoot him and it made it impossible for the person using Boba to hit anything because he was flying around the map at like mach 2. It was funny because people could spawn in at phase 1 by the cantina on Tattooine and fly all the way to the hanger in phase 3 in like 2 seconds it was crazy fast. Dice decreased it months back to be what it is currently. I think that his current speed works well, but they forgot to compensate some hero abilities and blasters to make up for his increased jet pack speed. That is why I think that option 1 is much more viable because it makes it harder for basic character to hit fett when he is flying around, but also increases the hero blaster abilities, so that they can potentially take him out still.
  • you have to use force pushes and mind tricks, but it's still almost impossible if the boba player isnt sucking
  • Royox
    33 posts Member
    I love playing Bobba on Tatooine. If I'm the target 99,99% of the times the Heroes can't even touch me. Usually Luke is the one to give me more trouble as he's very fast and can force push mid-air but It's only a matter of just looking where is the Jedi coming from and fly to the other corner of the map, gaining some precious seconds that I hope my team is using in killing the target.
  • I love Boba, don't punish him just because the players are annoying.

    Blame the way HvV works. The targeting system is broken and kinda annoying. When I play Boba and I'm the target I don't fly somewhere where no one can touch me. I actually go and hunt down the other target. If I start to lose health then I start to fly and be more cautious when on the ground.

    I've been on both ends of the spectrum, Boba is like Chewbacca in HvV. You love them, but if you nerf them they will suck.
  • I love Boba, don't punish him just because the players are annoying.

    Blame the way HvV works. The targeting system is broken and kinda annoying. When I play Boba and I'm the target I don't fly somewhere where no one can touch me. I actually go and hunt down the other target. If I start to lose health then I start to fly and be more cautious when on the ground.

    I've been on both ends of the spectrum, Boba is like Chewbacca in HvV. You love them, but if you nerf them they will suck.

    Boba's mobility is the real issue. They need to patch all of the spots he can reach, that others players can't. They need to do something about the duration of his jetpack. Any decent players can jetpack across the map, and by the time anyone has caught up to him, he can jetpack back to the other side. Unless you're in party, it makes it hard to coordinate dealing with that.

    I play Boba occasionally and can say he's as good as any of the other blaster heroes without ever using his jetpack.
  • Jefffcore
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    edited January 5
    They need a time limit and different objectives. If the objective wasn't characters there would be no issue; if there was a time limit and penalty, it would deter players from even running away the whole round. Whole mode needs fixed as far as I'm concerned
  • Boba isn't the problem here, it's the pesky players that just keep running (or flying) away from battle all game
  • Royox
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    edited January 6
    GEORGE9733 wrote: »
    Boba isn't the problem here, it's the pesky players that just keep running (or flying) away from battle all game

    As a Boba player...well that's what I don ONLY when I am the target. At that moment my focus is "don't die, wait till your team kills the target". Boba is just good at that in some maps. He's useless in Hoth or Jabba's palace for example. Even in Bespin because it's so easy to end up pushed from the other side of the Planet if the other team has Luke or Cheewie with the bowcaster. Naboo and Starkiller don't have many spots for hidding and you end up cornered very esasily. The only maps where Boba can perform good hide-and-seek games are open ones with spots to hide like Tatooine, Yavin or Endor.
  • HvV in general is pretty poo. It basically comes down to who can gather up and gang **** first

  • JrFett wrote: »
    HvV in general is pretty poo. It basically comes down to who can gather up and gang **** first

    While partly actually comes down to the darkside winning most of the time even with a somewhat effective lightside that works together. If both teams stick together the darkside generally still wins because their side has become OP with the last several updates.

    The problems is this:
    1. They nerfed chewy into the ground
    2. Yoda and lukes force push are buggy and don't always work
    3. Luke's first lightsaber attack still from time to time doesn't do damage.
    4. Yoda is slow all around in movement speed(he can't catch up to a running Grievous/Emperor/or Maul)
    5. He also has a lot of trouble reaching Boba in HvV unless Boba is dumb enough to shot at his force absorb.
    6. Yoda has slow standard attack speed, and has the weakest force jump of all saber characters making him an easy target.
    7. Yoda's block doesn't always activate or becomes deactivated and you can't use it always when you need too
    8. lightsaber blocks are buggy too and sometimes break and don't work again until you respawn...this generally effects the lightside a lot more because maul, grievous, and vader(with ability) can have unlimited stamina. Where as only Rey has it on the light side and only with her ability.
    9. Most of the lightside blaster heros are ineffective. This includes Finn, Leia, & now Chewy ( In that order from Worst to least Worst blaster heros). Darkside only has Phasma really, but phasma can be pretty useful sometimes with her droid still. Otherwise pretty much all darkside blaster villians are useful.
    10. Finn has too many blaster abilities which makes him useless against all the sith lords. Just look at why Lando and Han are so effective, they have other abilities besides blaster abilities to use against sith lords.
    11. Finn's undercover boss ability is practically useless. The gun should fire faster and maybe do stinger damage to be more useful. Also it needs to be activated faster to be more useful as well.
    12. Finn's deadeye loses lock to easily and takes to long to regain lock especially when boba fett quickly flies behind you or the emperor does the same thing.
    13. Leia's shield is useless except for two specific occasions in HvV. Also you can't deactivate the shield so if a noob places it then your team generally gets screwed.
    14. Leia's flash grenade is super weak and should work more like the officer flash grenade use to.
    15. Chewy is so weak now because his blaster is super weak now and his overheat ability only lasts like two shots.
    16. Chewy's ground slam is buggy and has a really long animation time and small area of effect. It needs to be bigger horizontally and veritcally(to get Boba or emperor when they are floating above you)
    17. Han has a few minor issues too. His blaster should be able to hit targets farther away and blaster bolts should travel faster so he can hit boba easier when he is flying away.
    18. Han's shoulder charge doesn't always knock down players.
    19. Also Han's rapid fire needs to activate faster and/or movement speed and turning should not be reduced with this ability.
    20. Lando's smoke grenade needs to last longer without star cards. It's really only useful when you are facing one sith lord at a time and no one else is around. That's the only time you should really use it because it can also negatively effect your teammates. It could be more useful just for him when he is by himself if it lasted longer and made a bigger cloud without star cards. With starcards it should last like 7-8 minutes and be a super huge cloud if they still have the cloud size card still.
    21. Same thing with Lando's blaster as Han's blaster. I think that it should be more accurate and hit targets at slightly farther distances and the blaster bolts should travel faster. This way you can hit Boba, Emperor, and maul when they are running around the map. Seems like a fair compromise because the darkside has might movement and evade speeds.
    22. There is also an issue currently with General grievous' standard attacks for the lightside. You can block them on the lightside but as general grievous as no stumble and can quickly perform another standard attack one after the other and the fact that he has so much stamina it makes it impossible to attack Grievous without dying. Pretty much the only way to get Grievous is to get him as a team or to keep using your special abilities because light only battle will result in Grievous winning like 95% of the time.
    23. Similar issue with Vader you either have to gang-up on him or continue to use special abilities because his high stamina combined with his unlimited stamina health boost make it impossible to take him 1on1.
    24. Obiwan's abilities still don't always activate when you press them.
    25. When you use force push for Obiwan and Yoda without charging it up and no star cards it is super small. The enemy has to be right on top of you for force push to work. That is completely pointless because at that point they have already hit you once or several times. Both yoda and obiwan should have a slightly bigger attack distance similar to Luke's force push without star cards. When yoda and Obiwan use the extended reach star cards for their force pushes it should give them 60%-70% of the maximum range compared to when the abilities are fully charged. This will make both of their force pushes better like luke's push. Yoda's push is pretty much the worst unless you are in GA then it is amazing.
    26. Obiwan's defensive block should block more incoming damage from front just like Grievous' relentless attack, except certain special attacks. Right now it seems like too many sith lord attacks and most all special abilities are getting through the ability, which makes it pointless in HvV.

    Darkside only has a few problems in comparison:
    1. Vader and maul's chock doesn't always work. Especially against Han and also because of block bug.
    2. Lightsaber blocks don't always work or break from time to time.
    3. Kylo has issues right now becuase of the last update. The last update broke his frenzy attack so that it doesn't contant the enemy most of the time and he swings at empty space.
    4. Kylo's stamina is way too low again. He can block like 3 attacks and perform 3 attacks and his stamina is depleted. They need to increase his stamina to be more like rey or luke.
    5. Grievous thrust surge sometimes doesn't work and causes him to spin around the character.
    6. Phasma is really the only bad character because she has to stick with a force user or sit in her droid circle and her staff strike ability has pretty much always sucked. It's only used by expert players and in rare occasions against unsuspecting players.
    7. Boba's concussion missible doesn't always deactivate blaster hero weapons.

    My Idea's for Obiwan's defensive rush because it has a lot of problems in HvV:
    As for Obiwan's defensive rush I think that the Emperor's standard attack and chain lightning shouldn't get through, neither should thrust surge, unrelenting attack against defensive rush should prevent both Grievous and obiwan from doing damage to each other and prevent each other from going through each other. They should just stand their both quickly attacking and defending each other in a stale mate. Neither should maul's spin attack do damage, neither should darth vader light saber throw, and I don't think that Iden's secondary fire should do any damage to him either because Iden is too OP against Obiwan. Another option is to allow secondary fire to hit obiwan when doing defensive rush and not allow both iden or phasma's droid to stun him just from the front only when doing defensive rush. They can still stun him if he is blocking only. Also both iden and phasma can still stun him from behind if he is using defensive rush improperly and his back is exposed(running away with it). Just remember that both iden and phasma can still roll to either side and dodge his defensive rush if they time their roll right. Then then can quickly turn around and shock him with their droid if they know what they are doing. In the case of Phasma's droid obiwan can use defensive rush to rush in and attack her and finish her, but if he misses or continues to use the ability to try and cross over the droid whenever he gets to the other half of the circle his back is exposed so he should get shocked. The only abilities that should hit obiwan and cancel/do damage are emperor ground lightning stun because his feet are exposed, grievous crawl attack should do damage again because his feet are exposed, maul and vaders' force chocks, most of bossk's abilities should hit obiwan still through the rush because bossk is weak against an effective obiwan player and because his abilities cannot be blocked by a lightsaber, also fett's rocket and missle attack. I think that this would help make defensive rush more useful in HvV and kind of help balance some of the OP'ness of the darkside.
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