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swbf 1 content to swbf2

Is it possible to release the content from the first game in an update? just to give us more scenarios, it would be a fair addition to give the game a bit more variety


  • I totally agree with you, was thinking the same thing, please give us the maps from BF1 to BF2, i paid for them.
  • agree, Jyn, Krennic, Nien Nunb, Greedo, Dengar (Maybe have a hero with him, to make it fair for the amount of heroes and villains), Scarif, Sullust, Death Star, Shoretroopers, Shadow Troopers, Shock Troopers, Ishi Tib (have it for the Resistance Too), Supremacy, Walker Assault.
  • Agreed: the maps for walker assault should especially be brought over, perhaps during an Original Trilogy 'season', after the Clone Wars content drop.
    So the first 6 months of 2019 would be Prequel content, then perhaps the next 6 months would be OT content, and when Episode 9 comes out, some Sequel content would be fitting.
  • PhilC
    31 posts Member
    I would love to see modes like original Cargo and Droid Run added to Arcade Offline mode and would also love to see more maps taken from Battlefront 2015 and added to Battlefront 2.
  • I agree with the OP they should add all maps and hero’s from the first game into this. As I am sure it would not take to long to do.
  • I would pay for battlefront 2015's content ported in battlefront 2... Especially death star trench run etc...
  • I would also like the option to use BF1 blaster sounds -- I tend to think these are closer to the original movie sounds -- in BF2.
  • I would pay for battlefront 2015's content ported in battlefront 2... Especially death star trench run etc...

    I want battlefront 2015 content too, but I prefer Outer Rim DLC, Bespin DLC, and Rogue one DLC instead!

    Also wish more than anything that they would bring back Greedo, Nien Nunb, and Dengar at some point in the summer or fall of this year. Also Jyn Erso, and Director Krennic. I hope that they do a droid update and give us K2S0 and IG-88 as well. I want more blaster heros and not all lightsaber heros ........oh how I miss the sound of greedo's grenade and dengars overcharge DLT-19.
  • d0kRX
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    Maybe give the game Original Cargo? That would be niiiiiiiiccccee!
    PSN: d0kRX
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