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Clone Commando class

Will we be getting the commando class?87tamaqbou8o.jpg


  • Clone Commando:

    Health: 300

    Health Regen: 150, after a 6 second delay

    Weapon: DC-17m, 40 damage per shot up to 60m, after that drops to 30. ROF is medium, about equivalent to the assault default blaster.


    L1 Ability: Sniper mode. DC-17m enters a sniper mode that deals 200 damage at all ranges. This is a single shot ability with a 25 second cooldown.

    R1 Ability: Droid popper. EMP grenade that deals 100 damage and stuns enemies for 1 second, with a 20 second cooldown

    L1-R1 Ability: Shield. This wouldn't be a bubble shield like the specialist, but it would add a blue haze to the armor, signifying the Katarn Armor. Has 150 health, and you can still shoot when it is active. Has a 30 second cooldown.

    Base skin would be a white standard clone commando
    Unlockable skins would be all the Delta Squad Commandos and a black stealth skin.
  • Sounds cool
  • Kurtos wrote: »
    Will we be getting the commando class?87tamaqbou8o.jpg

    I hope not.
  • JediPacoElFlaco
    1071 posts Member
    edited February 9
    I would like it.

  • ......
  • I'd like some other Enforcer besides the wookie warrior and the commando seems like a fine replacement as the DeathTrooper now out matches the wookie in every way except for the grenade.

    Now that they nerfed the primary damage of the wookie bowcaster without overheat active it's basically pointless to try and shoot people with the bowcaster without overheat activated. I've gone up to enemies that had their back turned and shot them in the back of the head with bowcaster shoot grouped up and it still barely did any damage to them. The enemy can just turn around and obliterate you with the scatter gun or anything else. It's so slow to shoot and so underpowered now at close range it's ridiculous. You basically have to run back wait for imploder and overheat to be recharged to run back into combat and use them again to be of any use.

    If you come into contact with a competent Deathtrooper now the advantage is always in the deathtroopers favor!
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