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Making a new game campaign

Since Battlefront 2 are having new updates that are involving so much about the clone wars, I went back to my old ps2 and played the old Battlefront 2 too see anything cool they could add to this new game. After playing for about two hours, I suddenly came up with an idea. Maybe they could make a new game campaign since they are making so much updates involving the clone wars. I am not saying to just make it like the 501st campaign in the original game, but make a story about another legion. In my opinion, I feel like this would make a better story than Iden Versio's story.


  • yes that would be cool but they arent focusing on campaign atm, one of the reasons is that the developer team that made the campaign is now working on another game (i think the star wars 2019 game)
  • Sad it’s not like the good old time when a team was fully dedicated to a game for years... :(
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