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Battle Point Event
Focused Feedback

I dont know what to say about this..

When I read this and the fact that there is a major human ***** on EA's end on this, This disgusts me greatly... Evidence like this going on is exactly why I don't do business with EA. This is the result of that "Games as a Service" model that many consumers including myself are against and with good reason. EA should be labeled "Dirty Dev".

*Force Chokes EA's Representatives* Do yourselves a favor and give the guy the refund. Sure you guys are trying to create loss prevention but this clearly isn't the case here. He followed guidelines and I wouldn't be surprised if word of this gets out to government officials all over the world and when that happens, it ain't pretty. Its like how Captain Sully kicked the NTSB's butt when they were trying to pin the blame on him claiming he can land at one of the airports but couldn't despite their computers saying he can. WRONG. In this case however; There was major Human Error Made here. As the Captain would say, "Can We Get Serious". You guys read and figure it out.

Have any of you all seen something like this before? I know I have.
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